Vintage Sheepskin Shearling Coats - How to Take Care of Yours

Vintage Sheepskin Shearling Coats - How to Take Care of Yours

We all like to feel the softness and warmth of a sheepskin when the cold is at its best. The reality is vintage sheepskins are a great vintage purchase, their quality to is built to list and many are already 20 years old by the time you find them in our boutique.  

So how is best to look after your shearling coat and keep in the best condition for years to come.  Here's our top 5 tips.

1. Storage

Where should we keep them whilst out of the cold season, we recommend to always store your coat in a breathable garment bag made of cotton or woven fabric. Storing it in any type of plastic dry-cleaning bags, will cause discoloration and damage due to a of lack of air circulation.  Due to the weight, if you have the space, these coats are always best hung up to keep their shape, ensuring your hanger is wide enough to fit the shoulders.

2. Are sheepskins waterproof?

Although sheepskins can be worn under the rain or snow, it's not recommended to get them too saturated. If your coat gets wet, just shake off the excess water, you can hang it and go over with your hair dryer, avoiding the highest temperature on the dryer.

If you have more time, remove the excess of water with a towel, without rubbing with too much pressure and leave it hanging at room temperature. 

When your coat is partly dry and use a suede brush to brush the nap of your coat's exterior.  Shop yours here:

Suede Brush Care Set

3. Cleaning is not such a hassle

Obviously the best way is to get these professionally cleaned by a leather and suede specialist, though the cost can be pretty high. However, if its a small mark here's some DIY options available.

When cleaning up small spills on your sheepskin, use a damp cloth to wipe it away, if we are speaking about debris or dirt stains you can carefully pluck them from the suede with tweezers. Also, lightly use a scouring pad to remove any dirt marks.

To sort out grease, drinks and any other liquid spots from your coat you can sprinkle a layer of corn starch onto the stain and leave it for a day or two (the bigger the stain, the longer you should let the corn starch sit). Once the time has passed, dust off the remaining corn starch and brush the nap with a suede brush. 

4. Brushing is the way forward

Brushing is highly effective, particularly after being wet; the wool fibers will likely revert back to their natural curly state.  By brushing the wool with a wire wool comb this will help to restore the fluffy appearance and natural “loft” of the fibers. Shop your wire brush here

Sheepskin Wire Brush

5. Leather Outer Care

A leather wax can soften the leather it has got a bit stiff after being wet. Adding a  natural leather balsam can make a difference, but on lighter coloured leathers, it will darker the shade of the leather.  Always best to try a patch test first in a discreet area, to check you're happy.  Here's a natural balsalm we love, shop yours here.

Premium Natural Leather Balsam

We hope you can keep your sheepskin in great condition for years to come.  Shop our latest collection of sheepskin coats here


Light Brown Real Suede Shearling Lined Coatblack penny lane coat


Two Tone Brown Real Leather Shearling Lined Coat

Light Brown Real Suede Shearling Winter Coat



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